Monday, July 12, 2010

The first post would be about my first......... ;)

Im a 178cm, highly athletic male (as you would soon see in my later posts), with short hair and dark brown eyes.

I have an average dick, well maybe slightly longer and thicker than the average Singaporean male. For now, my name and age would be a mystery. (:

Thing is, after all these years, people around me always tell me that I'm a mega narcissist. You can be sure that wherever there's a reflective surface, be it a mirror, or a shiny window, I would stop whatever I'm doing and admire my reflection. However, what i really admire about myself would be my well-defined abs, or what is commonly known as the six-pec.

Alright alright, as promised, I would tell you about my first sexual encounter.

I was 15 then. I had a girlfriend, who was 16 at the time. Lets call her M.

M was a petite girl with a cute child-like face, big bright eyes and shoulder-length straight hair. She had perky boobs and a firm bubble butt, which she was really proud of.

Our relationship started off innocently. But that child-like innocence didn't last long. About 2 weeks into the relationship, my 15 year old mind got a little bit curious. We begun to explore......

I would send her home after school, and we would normally peck each other on the lip. However, that very day, instead of withdrawing after the peck, i grabbed her head and held it firm. I used my tongue to force her lips open. I began to suck passionately on her lips. She just stood there in shock. A few seconds into the act, M started to loosen up.

It was like our tongues were in a medieval sword-fight. My hands moved slowly, from her head down to her neck and then to her back. She pulled my head closer as i caressed her back in an S-shaped motion. Neither of us wanted to break the kiss.

Our lips still locked, I slowly guided her to the staircase where we could allow the passion to escalate while in a little more comfort, she on the right, and me on the left.

With my right hand still over her shoulder, my left hand tucked under her buttoned uniform shirt and lightly caressed her tummy.

Our lips unlocked as I kissed her chin, and slowly moved down, kiss-by-kiss to the left side of her neck, where i kissed, gently at first, gradually increased in intensity till i was sucking it, with my tongue moving around in circular motions.

My left hand slowly moved upwards till it encountered a firm, yet soft fabric. My right hand moved downwards, from her shoulder to her waist. My left hand moved up, feeling the fullness of her boob through the velvety fabric of her bra. I cupped my hand over her boob and begun massaging it gently. It was the first time I touched a girl's boob. I was exhilarated.

I looked up at her, her face was as though she had just popped an Ecstasy pill. Head tilted back, neck stretched backwards, eyes closed, breathing heavily through both her nose and mouth.

I motioned for her to sit on my lap, with her back facing me, pressing down on my almost fully-erected dick.

Still in her shirt, my left hand crept finger my finger underneath her bra. I could feel the goosebumps on her boob as my hand made its entry.

My right hand unhooked the buckle on the side of her waist, allowing easier access to her skirt. Down my hand went, past the gutters of her underwear, onto a hairy region. It continued its adventure till it felt puffy, soft skin. M's pussy was wet, a mixture of both sweat and pussy juice. I followed my carnal instincts.

My middle finger gently stroked her slit with a "come here" motion, gradually moving downwards, until it met with her pussy. M's breaths were getting shorter and louder. My left hand, now playing with her nipple, gently flicking it with my index finger, followed by rolling it lightly between my index finger and thumb.

My right middle finger rubbed her pussy-hole in a circular motion, as though seeking its permission for entry. I could feel her pussy muscle relax, allowing my finger to slip in. Nevertheless, it was tight as ever. I could only fit the first joint of my finger. Her pussy was warm, soft and wet, a sensation unique to itself. I finger-fucked her first slowly, and gradually increased in pace. My hand was starting to get wet with her pussy juice.

We were in our own world. It's as though we had forgot that we were on the staircase.

M raised her bubbly butt gentry as she tucked onto the pleats of her skirt, causing it to fall to the ground.

My dick, at this time was pushing violently against her butt through her thin, semi see-through underwear.

She turned to face me. After slipping off her panties, she unbuckled and unzipped my pants, and released the monster under it.
My dick was rock hard.

I rubbed her pussy juice onto my dick as she aligned my dick head to the entrance of her pussy. The size of my dick head overwhelmed her tight pussy hole. With a little force, she slowly lowered herself onto my dick. After about 2 inches, tears started to fall from her eyes as blood trickled down her thighs, onto my legs. She was a virgin. Reluctant to give up, she continued to lower herself down. She slowly moved up and down, in an irregular bouncing motion. However, after a few motions, she started to pick up speed.

I carried her up. Still facing me, she raised her right leg until it was supported by the railing of the staircase, both hands over my shoulder. My left hand over her butt, my right hand over her waist. With my right leg interlocked with her left leg, I continued fucking her hard and fast. Our breaths were sloppy and short, sweat trickling down our faces. Her breath started to quicken, she started to shiver, her eyes closed, her pussy clammed my dick. She was cumming for the first time in her life.

I could feel my cum filling my dick. I was going to cum any time soon! I knew that i couldn't cum in her for fear that she might not be on birth control pills. I quickly pulled out. M squatted down in exhaustion. Her blouse drenched in sweat. She grabbed my dick with her right hand and caressed my shaft in an up-and-down motion, increasing in speed. I couldn't take it anymore! I was at the point of no return. White cum spurted out, hitting her straight in the face.

Both of us sat down, side by side on the steps of the staircase, in total exhaustion. M and I got changed. She wiped the cum off her face with the sleeves of her shirt. We hugged, kissed and she went into her flat.

Sadly, our relationship didn't last for more than 5 fucks, each getting more and more boring and repetitive. Oh well..

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