Friday, July 16, 2010


I was doing my daily "research" and chanced upon

I've always been interested in threesomes, orgies and swinger parties, but unfortunately never had the chance to experience it first hand. Well, the girls i fuck usually are the more "conservative" ones and are not open to fucking random strangers, oh well.

But with Sg-those, i see my fantasy of having a threesome coming to a realisation soon! :D I FUCKING CAN'T WAIT! My dick is already throbbing at the thought of it!

Talking about THOSE, it stands for Threesome-Hotwifing-Orgies-Swinging-Exhibiting.


Exhibiting was always one of my fetishes. It all started with that fuck-acquaintance of mine, whose only chance to jerk me off was on the bus because that was the only chance we had to be alone. I swear, the feeling was inexplicable. She enjoyed being finger fucked and licked on the back-seats of the bus too! The risk of getting caught just added to the thrill - people turning around, people boarding the bus heading straight to the back seats etc etc. Most of the time, her skirt and underwear would be at her ankles, thus leaving her with insufficient time should someone spot us.

BUT FUCK MAN! IT WAS THE TIME OF MY LIFE when we decided to take it up a notch. At about 9.30pm, when the bus was not as crowded, she unzipped my pants, jerked me off as usual as i played with her pussy. But this time, we brought along some rubber. She helped me with the condom, and started to lower herself onto my shaft with her back facing me, bouncing up and down with increasing speed. She tried to mask her moans by forcing her mouth shut for fear of being caught, but with very little success.

Whenever someone turned to look, she would lower herself slowly onto my shaft, and stay still, till the onlookers turned away. Her pussy muscles would contract from the fear of embarrassment should the onlooker decide to catch us in action , squeezing my dick ever so tightly.

After regaining our privacy, she would resume her vigourous bouncing, till both of us cum.

The additional factors such as the risk of getting caught, the chill of the air-con blowing directly at her exposed pussy, the fact that we were in a public place, just added to our heightened orgasm, which was highly addictive.

From then on, we found excuses to board the bus for a trip to "nowhere", meet at reservoirs for "Heart-to-heart-talk", go to the beach to "camp", etc. We were born exhibitionists. But this ceased when she had to go to canada to further her studies. ): and i really miss the time spent with her.


P.S. I really need to invest in a good digital camera soon! taking photos with my lousy 2.0mp E63 camera does not do justice to the beauty of our bodies, thus, i've uploaded so few pictures. Once i get my digicam, do expect many more pictures in the time to come!

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