Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hairy or Hairless? Tell me!

I have been considering, whether or not to wax/shave off my pubic hair? Most girls I'm with do not object the ticklish and prickly feeling of my hair against their crotch, however, i know that deep down, you girls, just like us guys, love our fuck buddies to be clean shaven.

I have never shaven/waxed my pubes, and i've heard that after shaving, if you do not shave/wax regularly, the hair that grow out would be less soft and even more prickly! :O Thus I'm considering if i really wanna do so. Do you girls love guys with clean, shaven groin region?

Below are some photos i took with my phone of how my dick looks like with pubes. I know I know, most of you would say that I'm not exactly hairy, but wouldn't it make our sexual experiences better if I shave my pubes clean? Imagine the blowjob without having to spit out random strands of hair. Imagine having sex without worrying about the itchiness caused by the prickly pubes.

I'm contemplating on whether i should shave my pubes not for me, but for you girls!


My dick sticking out of the little bush ;)

And his trusty companion!

He says hi to all my faithful readers!

Don't i look ever so tantalizing?

Stay Tuned and Stay Sexy, Always! Please comment! (: My decision would be based on your requests!

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